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James Bourchier business hall is situated in a quiet location in close proximity to the center of Sofia on James Boucher boulevard, just a walking distance from hotel Marinela (former Kempinski). Parking space is available near the hall.
The business hall offers natural day light, cozy and comfortable environment, perfect facilities, a variety of hall arrangements, excellent conditions for business meetings

The business hall has a capacity of up to 40 seats, depending on the arrangement.


James Bourchier business hall offers:



High speed Wi-Fi internet

Office services

Office services

Additional business and office services requested in advance at working days

Technical equipment

Technical equipment

Multimedia, projector screen and use of sound system



Coffee breaks and catering

Technical support

Technical support

on spot (additional payment)

Technical support

Technical support

Technical support on spot at an additional payment of 20 BGN. (payment is required before the event and a technical specialist will be available during the event)

Depending on the guests’ requirements and the type of event, there are 3 options for the capacity and the arrangement of the hall:

Theater – 40 seats

Classroom – 40 seats

U-shape – 30 seats


up to 4 hours

110 BGN

4 hours – to 8 hours.

180 BGN

over 8 hours

230 BGN

Please note that:
Preferential rate for a two day use of the hall – 400 BGN
The hall is available 30 minutes before the event and преди мероприятието и се освобождава до 30 minutes after the scheduled end time of the event.

All prices include VAT..
Method of payment is bank transfer
Reservation is 100% guaranteed after an advance payment or a deposit

We remain at your disposal in taking care of all the details to help your business grow.

Catering price

Coffee breaks

3.6 BGN

per person




coffee – breaks

5.4 BGN

per person

set of sweets and crackers




Working lunche

from 7.2 BGN

per person

a variety of sandwiches, sweets and desserts, with or without

drinks: – the prices start from 7.20 BGN per person, depending on your

budget and requirements


13.2 BGN

per person

selection of white/red wine (average class), mixed nuts, crackers, water

Hot meals or cocktails can be held in the garden restaurant, situated in the same building

Gallery Catering

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Boulevard James Bourchier 23, Sofia, Bulgaria


+359 2 422 4950, +359 888 457 005